5 Video Sites That Could be Better Than YouTube

YouTube has been available on the Internet since 2005. However, it seems like it’s been a much longer time than that. When it comes to video-sharing websites, people only know that YouTube is the only one available. I can say the same about a search engine in Google. Fortunately, that is not true. There are many other video-sharing sites that people just don’t know about. They offer more unique content and high quality videos. YouTube is special to offer plenty of videos in a lot of different genre, but other video sites are better in certain genres. Here are 5 video sites that could be better than YouTube.

5 Video Sites That Could be Better Than YouTube


5 Video Sites That Could be Better Than YouTube

#1 – Ustream

Ustream was established in 2007 and is known for its broadcasters and live video streaming. People are able to live stream via webcam or camera and chat or talk with anyone in their room. The good thing is that it doesn’t allow anyone to join you with their video chats. Instead people are able to talk to you through the live text chatbox. This is a good way to socialize with other people around the world.

#2 – Blinkx

Blinkx is not only a video site, but an Internet search engine as well. It claims to have more media searches than Google itself. Just type a keyword of whatever you are looking for in the search box to search for all the sites that have that video content available for viewing. It is a convenient way to know where each video came from. Therefore, this is a search engine that looks for videos for you to watch without ever visiting other websites.

#3 – Hulu

Hulu is a video site that only offers streaming of videos from TV channels on high definition quality. You can watch content from FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, and so much more. A couple of examples of videos that are available are the NFL highlights that are available each week and the Presidential Debate. It is the best site available to watch videos, movies, and content from TV networks.

#4 – Vimeo

Vimeo is a video-sharing site that was created by filmmakers. It provides videos in high quality and presents them in a neat and organized way. In contrast to YouTube, Vimeo is well designed and much easier to navigate to use. You have to sign up either on the site or through Facebook in order to use Vimeo. This is a good idea because then you will know who is commenting and watching the videos. This ensures the community is more private, safe, and welcoming.

#5 – Metacafe

Metacafe is a video-sharing website that is best used to look for videos that is related to movies, games and music. You can look for anything like movie trailers music videos, video game commercials and reviews. The one feature I like about this site is that everything is nice organized in categories. For example, if you look into the music portion of Metacafe, you can see there are sections on News and Interviews, Billboard Top 10, and specific genres of music. This is a useful site if you’re looking for something in entertainment.

There are so many video sites available on the Internet. However, people tend to only be familiar with YouTube. However, YouTube can be great, but most of the videos are made by people themselves providing entertainment, instruction, and opinions. Therefore, these five selections are uniquely different than YouTube. They provide entertain in a specific genre and offer HD content. Furthermore, live streaming is probably the only feature that YouTube doesn’t have. Now you know 5 video sites that could be better than YouTube!

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