3 Websites That Are Similar To Youtube

Youtube is the most popular online video search engine. Since 2005, it has been the most frequently visited video website and the most famous online video community.  Even before, Youtube has been the mainstream video-hosting site online. It is well-known to many web surfers. Thousands of videos are uploaded to Youtube everyday and it has been an alternative source of entertainment for some people, since Youtube contains a wide variety of videos, from music videos, to movie trailers, promotional videos, song playlists, sitcoms, series, movie episodes, and many more. Not only that, Youtube involves business in it so people are getting more drawn to become a part of this online video-hosting community.

Well it’s true that Youtube is the most popular of all video search websites, there are still number of websites which are similar to Youtube.  This article will explain in more detail 3 Websites That Are Similar To Youtube.

3 Websites That Are Similar To Youtube


3 Websites That Are Similar To Youtube


More Video-Hosting Websites

Well it’s true that Youtube has been the most distinguished of all video search engines, but there are still other video-hosting websites to consider. We have been concentrating on Youtube for years, but in fact, there are still hundreds of websites that offer the same service like Youtube, and perhaps some of them do it even better.

Some website developers have tailored their sites from Youtube, and somehow made some enhancements on it. Some of these websites offer more services and a bit better quality compared to Youtube.

Here are 3 Websites That Are Similar To Youtube:

The first is Vimeo. This online video community started out from the goal of the filmmakers to share their creations. Since it was made and inspired by the filmmakers themselves, Vimeo gives you a warm approach on video viewing and sharing. The clean and organized layout of Vimeo’s website attracts more users. Moreover, the high quality video provided by Vimeo outstands that of Youtube. Nevertheless, these two sites are similar in their objectives as an online video-hosting site.

Another website like Youtube is Blinkx. This site allows you to choose from a variety of videos. Blinkx is said to have contained 35 million hours of videos, giving you a better chance of finding your favorite ones. Blinkx can provide you with a number of videos from known major sites. You can find videos from different topics and niches. Blinkx is a good video-hosting site for videos that provide great entertainment. More of its success includes making the largest number of media searches in the web.

Lastly, another video-hosting site known to us all is the Blip.tv. It was created the same year as Youtube. Although Youtube made itself more distinguishable, Blip.tv still made its way in advancing their video hosting. Like Current TV, also an online video community, Blip.tv relies on independent producers in video streaming. Since their videos usually come from television shows, you can expect to find episodes from your favorite shows and series on this site. Blip.tv also generates revenues from their site, like what Youtube does. Furthermore, it continues to add thousands of shows and gather millions of viewers.

Whereas Youtube continues to provide excellent video distribution and other services, you should know that there are more sites like Youtube you have not discovered. There are more innovative sites you probably haven’t heard of. Do not limit yourself to a single video engine search because there are other sites like these. You might find it much more winning compared to Youtube. To sum it all, these sites are created differently, so choose a site that fits your favorites. Be it on TV shows, series, music videos, movies, and so on.

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